The Cuban nation telecommunications service, ETECSA, has started Web services for cellular phone users around the staircase. Accessibility into the 3G network started at 8 pm this morning, along with Cuban governments said it would extend upon the island country in phases over the course of the upcoming few days.

At a nation of 11 million individuals, based on ETECSA, there are currently some 5.3 million cell phone numbers. The growth of online accessibility, Perdomo said, could”encourage social, economic, and cultural growth” and help to create growth and employment.
Until today, many Cubans obtained the Web by heading to among 800 outside Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the nation and logging with a card bought out of ETECSA, allowing for you to five hours of web-time. The growth of Internet access this week may now enable cell phone owners to purchase a data program, which range from 600 megabytes for around $7 bucks to 4 gigabytes for about $30 bucks. With no strategy, clients will cover ETECSA roughly $10 bucks for a single gigabyte of information.
Either choice is comparatively pricey, provided the salary most Cuban citizens create. As stated by the Brookings Institution, many Cubans take home approximately $20 a month, however near 600,000 Cubans are self explanatory and earning higher salaries in the private industry.
Cuba has lagged behind other nations in Web connectivity, along with its Communist government was criticized for limiting public access to data. However, the speed of online accessibility has picked up greatly because President Obama and then-Cuban president Raúl Castro declared a breakthrough in relationships four decades back.
“Improved access to the world wide web is fostering Cubans’ connectivity into the broader world and expanding the capability of the Cuban people, particularly youth, to exchange ideas and information,” Obama said in a significant presidential policy directive on Cuba, prior to leaving office.
As a portion of his government’s attempts to normalize trade, Obama licensed Google and other U.S. businesses to work with ETECSA to update Cuba’s servers. Google executives followed President Obama on his historic trip to Havana at March 2016.
Before he ascended to the presidency,” Diaz-Canel interrupts the growth of Web communications over the island, even as a part of their demand for Cuba to revise its market. This week, Diaz-Canel tweeted that Cuba will”continue improving the computerization of its culture.”

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