How to buy Cohiba Behike 56 Cigars?

From the market for a costly, huge Cuban cigar? Let us have an comprehensive look in the Cohiba Behike 56 to see whether it’s worth your time and money.
To be certain that it’s something that you need to buy and smoke, then we’ll be reviewing the cigar’s most exceptional qualities, just how far it can cost you, comparisons to different cigars, along with other reviews of the goods.

Everybody has different views on the “ideal” cigar — exactly what it must taste like, smell like, and also truly feel just like are definitely marginally private remarks. But most frequent cigar smokers may understand a high quality, value cigar once they see you. Let us look at the Cohiba Behike 56 and then see whether it matches that category.

What’s your Cohiba Behike 56?

It measures 22 mm with 166 millimeters in length and contains a 56 ring estimate (meaning that the diameter ) — which makes it a fairly enormous item. Additionally, it’s about the very upper end of depth, so much as the ring judge is worried. Moreover, it’s thought to have an extremely decent blended taste of spices, like burnt timber, ground, and a touch of chocolate. The smoke is creamy and thick, which is truly perfect for improving the organic, earthy tastes. Besides such tastes, the cigar is said to possess excellent immunity — providing the smoker with a relaxing, enjoyable encounter smoking the item.

The foliage stipulates the cigar together with intense taste and unique personality.
It also now integrates for the first season, the Medio Tiempo that just really comes in the upper two leaves onto sun-grown plants. This medley of distinct leaves gives the cigar with amazing character along with a delicious flavor.
The foliage doesn’t grow on peak of each and every cigarette plant, however, those who do are believed to possess wealthy, earthy tastes of coffee that give the smoke an extremely creamy texture and quality.

The unique facet of this specific cigar is just how incredibly exclusive and restricted it genuinely is. So far so that every Behike cigar is supplied a ring that houses two individual holograms for safety analysis — that weeds out any possible imitation products when buying a cigar.
The Medio Tiempo cigarette foliage has extremely infrequent amounts out there from the organic world. This is actually the most important reason they’re such a restricted item.
Another reasonably distinctive characteristic of the cigar is just the monumental size.
Cigar ring sizes vary from roughly a 26 ring , all of the way into some 57. With this specific design measuring in a 56, it’s among the biggest available on the marketplace.
You’re able to find a fairly clear idea of just how thick this breadth is inches simply by breaking up the ring judge by 64. For your Cohiba Behike 56, it’s approximately 0.88 inches thick — a complete inch. This is thought for somebody with a thick draw, since they can suck longer and more intensely without scorching the cigar.
Unlike many other Cuban cigars, this option really does not require any extra aging.
That is largely because of the simple fact that the item is essentially fully constructed with aged tobacco.
This foliage has components of this tobacco leaf inside which has been outdated. When the item was stabilized for humidity, then it may basically be smoked directly”from the box”


All these cigars will surely cost you a penny.
Due to the limited amount and rarity of this foliage — the cost is considerably greater.

This specific cigar had fairly mixed reviews. We’ll examine both the positives and negatives separately, so as to cover what buyers needed to say.
As a great deal of testimonials are exclusively based on public view, there certainly were lots of reviewers who cited certain facets of the cigar which may apply to anybody who smoked them. Remember that particular tastes, smells, and textures will probably be more preferable to various folks — you might dislike or like the tastes less or more than a number of the different men and women who attempted this cigar.
One facet which buyers really enjoyed about the item was that the pull whilst smoking them. Like we mentioned previously, the huge depth of the cigar permits the smoker to inhale more intensely and for an extended period of time without scorching this item.
People who purchased the cigar really enjoyed was that the total caliber of it. Reviews have said the item was assembled exceptionally well — quite tidy and an general even supply within the cigar. Overall it’s thought to have been wrapped nearly flawlessly.
Additionally appealed to plenty of the buyers of the item. It had been worth the cost for people who loved it because they understood that it was not something being made in bulk amounts.
Most testimonials quoted around two to two and a half an hour necessary to fully smoke the Cohiba Behike 56. Individuals who said the time period stated that it was a fantastic, slow burnoff. You can really love it because of all of the time that it took to make it through the cigar and totally smoke it down into the ground.
When you’ve got an entire afternoon or day to dedicate smoking one cigar, then this is unquestionably a product to test . But if you’re somebody who favors a faster time period, you might choose to check at another cigar.


As for exactly what the smokers of the cigar didn’t enjoy. There are a couple distinct facets which were mentioned regularly.
The problem that came up often was that the huge size of this cigar really made it even more light. Making sense as , your taste buds might have some difficulties after smoking . A good deal of the folks purchasing this cigar that had previously bought the Cohiba Behike 52 and 54 stated flavor-wise. This dimension was definitely missing.
Another thing which came as a drawback was that the quality versus the exceptionally large cost.
For all those cigar aficionados who try to smoke the most exclusive, most expensive cigars — that this item is best.
But for the ordinary person who only enjoys the action of smoking. They’re definitely not worth what you’re paying to them.
Though the quality is quite great, the components are excellent and rare. Along with the creation can also be of a high quality. Not everybody who enjoys cigars just has countless bucks to fork out to them. Most reviews that said the cost stated that these costs would just be well worth it if each and every facet of this cigar was fantastic. And then they may not hesitate to buy one.
While lots of testimonials stated the quality is quite great, others had different views on the building of this cigars. There have been a good number of testimonials mentioning the cigars were somewhat irregular.

Considering that Cohiba Behike does provide different cigars in different dimensions. Let us compare with the 52 and 54 from the 56 to observe how it ends up.
Should we examine reviews of the goods. Only because they had been bland and more, much more yummy. A good deal of this can be only credited to their dimension. They’re smaller and more streamlined compared to 56 is.
The prices can be distinct with all the smaller cigars. They, clearly, cost much less than that which you would be searching to your Cohiba Behike 56.
Then they’re better off buying both 52 or 54. If you’re a avid cigar connoisseur subsequently the 56 will nevertheless be something you’d want to test in case you’ve got the cash. It isn’t the most sensible selection for several smokers.
But what should we contrasted the Cohiba Behike 56 to additional Cuban cigars generally?
Particularly when it comes to tastes and quality.
So so much as the cost of quality ratio is concerned, you might choose to appear at other similar cigars. But, that surely doesn’t apply to all normal cigar smokers.

We certainly think that it might be well worth looking for those who are enthusiastic about cigars and will shell out the extra money on buying them.
It’s a rare, exceptionally high quality, high-end choice that may unquestionably be warranted if you’re ready to afford these.

They’re a terrific conversation starter, and they possess an extremely intriguing story and background behind them. If you’re in a cigar team or have friends that are really considering how exclusive they’re. They’d definitely be a cure to smoke together for a day.
But if you’re only a normal cigar smoker that is not too excited about the rarity that the Medio Tiempo leaves, or can not justify the price of the cigar. It’s probably not worth the price and time to get you.

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